Klavye Delikanlıları
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Bayram and Kerem are two asocial young men who grew in a beautiful distrinct Selimiye, in Istanbul. The absence of communication with people let them to become internet trolls. Bayram is working at his father’s shop by the force of his father. Meanwhile, Kerem works with his mother at their own cheese shop during the day, and at evenings, he drives his pirate taxi. While they were thinking that the money they earn from trolling around the internet was not enough to live their dreams, Bayram’s cousin Volki came from America. Crimes were developing as the technology was developing too. Cousin Volki sets a new kind of fraud for taking money from rich people’s credit cards. Beside Bayram and Kerem, Seyran, who is working in administrative services at the college Volki graduated from, and also sells the exam questions to rich students, were in the team Volki gathered. The philosophy the team has was simple; “Batten not our people, but the people who battens other people on…” The war between cyber and real world has begun…

Language: Türkçe
Production: Süreç Film
Scenario: Murat Şeker, Ali Tanrıverdi
General Director: Murat Şeker

image character
Uras Kaygılaroğlu
image character
Rasim Öztekin
image character
Vildan Atasever



image character
Kaan Yıldırım
image character
Ali Barkın