Almanya Rüyası
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“Almanya Ruyası” is a documentary about Turks who immigrated to Germany 43 years ago, and the living of young people who are known as 3th generation. The film has a lot of interviews which are made by people who are doing Hiphop, the businessmen, workers, and directors etc. Any comments or voice-overs did not used in the documentary. The research itself is presented to the audience. The documentary is the first broad indepedent project due to its content and financing.

Short-film director Murat Seker stayed in Germany for 6 months to shot the documentary. He wandered around for shooting and interviews. He covered thousands of kilometers, and met around 800 people. Many different opinions and stories gathered from wide range of people that includes drug dealers, businessmen etc. He also interviewed people who turn back to Turkey for good. The documentary summarizes all these 43 years of adventures, and also has a big role for shedding light on the accesion of Turkey to the European Union.