Murat Şeker
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He was born on July 25,1973 in Istanbul. At 1991, he started to study at Istanbul University, faculty of Economics. After studying 3 years, he moved to the deparment of Cinema and Television Arts in Mimar Sinan University. Since 1992, he started to work as a person in charge of production in documantaries and movies. Osman Seden, Yusuf Kurcenli, and Huseyin Karakas are some directors he worked with. After running clubs like Magma, and Milk, he established Limonlu Bahce and Mono in Beyoglu.

In 1996, he shot “-1”,which is his first short film. After that, he worked on video clips for Turkish rock and pop musics. Also, he started to making critics about electronic and alternative music on newspapers like Milliyet, Radikal, and magazines like Max, and Roll.

At 2004, he found the film company “SugarWorkz”. His first feature lenght film is “2 Super Film Birden” which was shot in 2006. After the movies “Ask Tutulması” and “Ask Geliyorum Demez”, he accomplish to shot the films “Cakallarla Dans”, and “Deliorman” which became series. Lastly, he shot the film “Gorevimiz Tatil”, which came out in February 2018, and now he continues to shooting movies.