Ali Tanrıverdi
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He was born in 1988, in Istanbul. He graduated from the department of administration at Kutahya Dumlupinar and Eskisehir Anadolu University. He started his career in cinema by assisting the scenario for the movie “Ask Geliyorum Demez” that is made by Murat Seker. In 2010, he wrote the dialogues for “Cakallarla Dans”. He took in charge of writing the scenario by Murat Seker for the movies “Cakallarla Dans 2-Hastasiyiz Dede” in 2012, “Cakallarla Dans 3- Sifir Sikinti” in 2014, “Deliorman” and “Cakallarla Dans 4” in 2016, and “Gorevimiz Tatil” in 2018. Also, in 2015, based on being the 100th year of Turkish Film Industry, he wrote the scenario for the short film “Mutlu Son” as part of IKSV.