Gökçe Pekhamarat
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She was born on April 2,1987, in Istanbul. After science school, she graduated from civil engineering. She realized that she did not want to continue with the engineering career, and decides to change her way. In 2012, she started to work at CNNTurk as an intern, and was tenured the same year.

She assembled and wrote news for the newscast “Gune Merhaba”. Afterwards she wrote sketchs and also enacted them at the program “Burada Laf Cok”, which belongs to Mesut Yar.

In 2014, she began to study cinema at Mimar Sinan University. During the time she study, she setted and presented the Culture-Art program “Basina Buyruk” for the web site CNNTurk. She was the cinema author at the web-site named “Fil’m Hafizasi”.

Gokce Pekhamarat works at SugarWorkz since 2017.